How to Sell Your Home Fast So You Can Move Closer to Your Grandkids

Your kids are grown with children of their own and off on their own adventure in another part of the country. The photos of your grandkids are breaking your heart and video calls are a poor substitute for seeing them in person. What’s a grandparent to do? For many grandparents, the solution is simple: move closer to the grandkids!

But what about my house?

Once you’ve decided you’re ready to move to be closer to your family, you may find that moving is not so simple. The first big hurdle is selling your house. With cleaning, decluttering, doing small repairs, tidying up the yard to boost your home’s curb appeal, scheduling photographers, and meeting with realtors as just the beginning of your to-do list, you can get overwhelmed fast. How will you find time and energy to look for your new home, pack your belongings, say goodbye to your home, and focus on the next chapter of your life? What if your home doesn’t sell right away and you’re stuck with two house payments?

How can I juggle all that work?

Selling your home doesn’t have to be so much of a hassle. Working with a buyer who offers a market-rate cash offer and who agrees to allow you to stay in your home until you are ready to move is the best way to avoid the nightmares that can come with selling your home and buying across the state—or even across the country. These stress-relieving accommodations remove the anxiety factor so you can focus on your move, your family, and your new home.

Where can I find a buyer like that?

Easy! Property Max offers a painless, quick offer and acceptance process. Simply submit your home info on our form. We call you with a fair, market-rate, no-obligation offer with our True Price Guarantee. If you’re ready to sell your home, accept the offer and we take care of the dirty work for you! No worries about upgrades to your home or coats of paint or new landscaping before selling.

Once your home is sold, we accommodate sellers who need to reside in their sold home while they finalize their new housing and pack. We know your home and community are important to you, and we are happy to give you the time you need to say your goodbyes.

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